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Pallavi Madishetty: Senior Manager - Gaming Operations

IVY Day17175

Having spent close to two decades at Ivy and being part of the organisation’s journey the whole time, it’s difficult to articulate my feelings about a place which is practically my second home.

I started here as a designer in 2001. I’m now a manager, leading a team of 25! Soon after joining Ivy, I was asked to set up our Game Factory team. And, through a combination of self-motivation and careful nurturing from Ivy, I took the leap.

I managed all game configurations and eventually became a manager for the casino operations team. But my transformation isn’t unique. Most Ivy-ans will have a similar story to share.


If you’re ambitious and want to challenge yourself to deliver better, Ivy is a place where there will always be opportunities to do so. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to newer, more remarkable milestones every day. We’re on an epic and exciting journey and I’m glad to call it my second home.

Anything else? Well I found the love of my life here too and have never been happier (just one more, BIG, reason to be thankful for joining Ivy).