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Meet some of our bright minds

IVY Day16478 (1)

Ashish Sarda: Manager - P2P

My journey with Ivy started in 2006 accompanied by a feeling of sky-high excitement (it’s a feeling I still get every day when I come to the office!). The warm and friendly welcome I received made me…

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IVY Day16781 (1)

Gitanjali Mandal: Manager - Payments

On 1st September 2003 I started my journey with Ivy and it’s been a joyful ride ever since. I love the people I work with, be it bosses or colleagues. I enjoy working with likeminded people all around

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IVY Day16747 (1)

Anthil Anbazhagan: CTO - Platform

Every journey is special for one reason or another. But there are some journeys which are life-defining. And, in my case, the journey I’ve been on with Ivy is exactly that. Every experience here has…

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IVY Day16730 (1)

Deven Narendra Saoji: Head of Dev Ops

My role is challenging. As an Engineering Manager I need thorough knowledge of our product. But I also need to be aware of the disruptive technologies that could impact us.

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IVY Day17208

Neeta Jagirdar: Senior Business Analyst

Ivy is the heart and soul behind the entertainment and gaming industry. As an industry leader, it sets the pace when it comes to technology development. So, if you’re a software engineer looking to…

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IVY Day16453

Ankita Makin: Business Analyst

I joined Ivy as a Senior Test Engineer a few years ago. And, in just a short time, I've grown professionally and personally. I’ve been promoted to multiple roles; from a Test Analyst to a Business…

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